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Hotel Thule Terrace View
Hotel Thule Terrace View

Visit the Hotel Thule Terrace for a scrumptious light-snack or sundowner, best enjoyed with friends whilst overlooking the Sunset over Windhoek.  

Hotel Thule once was a luxury home on a Windhoek hilltop. Fascinating are still the sweeping views across the city and the mountains beyond. The residence’s name Thule has been retained and was changed to Hotel Pension Thule and later to Hotel Thule. According to a Nordic legend, Thule is a mythical place which exists at the frontier of reality at “the edge of the world, the place where the real and the imaginary touch.”

For those with a smaller appetite
Traditional Bratwurst served with chips and German mustard N$ 99.00
Small portion of stick spare ribs served with chips N$ 125.00
Small portion of marinated chicken wings served with chips N$ 95.00
French style snails in melted garlic butter, topped with cheese, served with bread N$ 125.00
Toasted Sandwiches - Cheese N$ 47.00
Toasted Sandwiches - Ham & Cheese N$ 49.00
Toasted Sandwiches - Cheese & Tomato N$ 49.00
Toasted Sandwiches - Ham, Cheese & Tomato N$ 52.00
For those who love the meat

THULE style steaks served with fried onion rings, chips, garlic butter & side salad.

Oryx Streak (250g) N$ 170.00 
Beef Fillet (250g) N$ 189.00
Rump Steak (250g) N$ 175.00
Rib-eye Steak (250g) N$ 185.00
T-bone Steak (500g) N$ 195.00
Add a sauce N$ 26.50
The THULE Burger with a beef patty, molten cheese & red wine-onion marmalade served with potato wedges and coleslaw N$ 155.00
For those with an bigger appetite
Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel served with mushroom sauce, chips and side salad. N$ 135.00
Meatloaf topped with fried eggs served with mashed potatoes and Sauerkraut. N$ 129.00
Lamb stew cooked to perfection served with Basmati Rice and Tomato Salad N$ 149.00
Battered hake fillet served with potato wedges and Sauce Tartar N$ 135.00
Dressed Sole served with buttered potatoes, lemon-parsley butter and a side-salad N$ 152.00
For those who don't want the meat
Spaghetti in a spicy tomato-garlic sauce with a hint of chili, topped with Parmesan shavings N$ 125.00 
Classic Greek Salad with greens, tomato, onion, pepper, feta & olive served with THULE dressing N$ 120.00
Vegetable Quiche served with a side salad N$ 95.00
For those who have a sweet toothe
Freshly baked waffle served with syrup N$ 32.50
Homemade warm Applestrudel served with Vanilla sauce. N$ 55.00
Raith’s Ice Cream (per scoop) N$ 14.50

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Hotel Thule offers 25 custom-decorated spacious rooms, all individually refurbished with modern finishing touches.

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